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Article 45 in the Directive principles of state policy in the constitution mandated the state to endeavor to provide free and compulsory education to all children of age group 6-14.Hence Govt. of India implement RTE ACT 2009


  •  The right of children to free and compulsory education till completion of elementary education.
  •  COMPULSORY EDUCATION MEANS-obligation of the appropriate government to provide free elementary education and ensure compulsory ADMISSION, ATTENDANCE and COMPLETION OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION to every child for age group 6-14. FREE MEANS- that no child shall be liable to pay and kind of fee or charges or expenses which may prevent him/her from pursuing and completing elementrary education
  •  It makes provisions for a non-admitted child to be admitted to an age appropriate class.
  •  It specifies the duties and responsibilities of appropriate government ,local authority and parents in providing free and compulsory education,and sharing of financial and other responsibilities between centre and state government .
  •  It lays down the norms and standards relating alia to pupil teacher ratio[PTRs],building and infrastructure;school working days and teacher working hours.
  •  It provides for rational deployment of teachers by ensuring that the specified pupil teacher ratio is maintained.It also provides for prohibition of deployment of teachers for non-education work other than decennial census,elections to local authority,state legislative and parliament and disaster relief.


  •  physical punishment and mental harassment
  •  screening procedures for admission of children
  •  capitation fee
  •  private tution by teachers
  •  running of schools without recognition