School dise code: 10131302202     School code: 61320

Bihar is one of the most disaster prone areas of the country. The state has areas that fall in highest seismic zone, most flood affected region and some of the drought prone regions of the country. In several of the past disasters, many children perished within school due to unsafe construction, lack of awareness of how to react to an emergency and preparedness measures adopted by school authority. In such situation, there was an urgent need to address the problems arising due to the lack of awareness, unsafe construction and a proper emergency management plan. MUKHYAMANTRI SCHOOL SAFETY program sensitized and trained children and teacher on preparedness measures, promoted capacity building of officials and implemented structural and non-structural mitigation method to make school safe place for children.

Owing to the importance of safety of children at school.BSDMA planned to reach each and every schools of Bihar to make it a safer place for children through the school MOCK DRILL exercise. Towards this end BSDMA initiated the mukhyamantri school safety program [MSSP]which is being implemented along with Bihar education project council and department of education government of Bihar.BSDMA is providing all the related technical consultancy for the execution of the program from village level to state level.

The program is totally focused at children and their safety in school and hence all the activities have been planned keeping the children at the centre of the program.The program aims to create and promote an environment in every school conducive for the children to learn, implement and make other learn about safety measures before during and after disasters. Since the majority of the program is within the school campus, the program will help the schools nurture a culture of prevention amongst the children.

The school management committee or vidyalayashikshasamiti[VSS]supervised the activities of school mock drill exercise. The member of the committee included the principal of the school, ward members of the ward, VSS member, CRC, school safety focal point teachers, class mentors/ monitors, BAL sansad, president/secretary of MEENA manch etc.

  •  Development of school disaster management plan in school development plan templet.
  •  Testing of plan and conducting mock drill.
  •  Review and approval of school DM plans.
  •  Preparation of mock drill and training calendar for each year.
  •  Using chetanasatra ,optimally for spreading awareness though geet, prayers and programs.