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Section 29 of the RTE ACT ACT is crucial for the design of an enabling, curriculum by the designated academic authority. The curriculum stands for all the components of schooling including in class room processes, assessmentprocedurers etc. and is meant to ensure-

  •  conformity with constitutional values
  •  All round development of the child.
  •  Building up the child knowledge,potentiality and talent.
  •  Development of physical and mental abilities to the fullest extent.
  •  Learning through activities,discovery and exploration in a child friendly and child-centred manner.
  •  Making the child free of fear,trauma and anxiety and helping the child to express views freely.
  •  Comprehensive and continuous evaluation of children understanding knowledge and ability to apply it.


  •  The child gains confidence in facing problematic situations and undertakes tasks without any hesitation.
  •  The child interacts freely,meaningfully and joyfully with her classmates,teachers and teaching learning materials.
  •  The child interacts in groups and makes use of other resources for expending her knowledge.
  •  The child compares events, thingsfacts and findings and arrives at logical conclusions.
  •  The child assesses her own progress in her work, identifies errors and rectifies them with the help of peers,teachers and parents.


  •  Designs and implements activities taking into consideration the individual differences of each child.
  •  Formulates innovative techniques and practices in the class.
  •  Facilitates activities during classroom interaction as one among the group without any inhibition.
  •  Sets tasks and gives instructions in accordance with the learning capability of children.
  •  Uses local resources for designing class activities and reference materials updating her knowledge.
  •  Elicits regular feedback and maintains recorded observations to improve her teaching.
  •  Takes up classroom problems as part of action research.
  •  Conducts academic discussions with her colleagues to rectifies errors,takes part in collective planning with the school group and interacts with the community/guardian/parents regularly.


Parents would need to play a more active role in school in monitoring the implementation of RTE ACT. Parents have a crucial role in understanding and appreciating the individual potential of every child and his/her own pace of learning. Parents need to be involved in discussion to understand the significance of interactive learning, free from stress and anxiety, tests and exams. In fact that there should be no corporal punishment, no tution and no detention. Once they are convinced of this, it would be easier to solicit their participation in the school development and management processes. Another challenging aspect before the community now is to identify out of school children in the locality and bring them to age appropriate class in the school.