School dise code: 10131302202     School code: 61320

Under samagrashikshaabhiyan fit india movement to make physical fitness a way of life.fitindia movement aims at behavioral changes from sedentary life style to physically active way of day to day living. It is a movement to take nation on a path of fitness and wellness. It provides a unique and exciting opportunity to work towards a healthier India.


The following parameters woud apply -

  •  Having one teacher trained in PE, and such teacher is physically fit and active.
  •  Having playground where two or more outdoor games are played.
  •  Having one PE period each day for every section and physical activities [sports ,dance ,games, yogasan,PT] take place in the PE period.
  •  Having all students spending 60 minutes or more on physical activities daily.


The following additional parameters would apply for claiming a 3 star rating.

  •  All teachers to be physically fit and spending 60 minutes or more every day for physical activities.
  •  School has at least two trained teachers [including one PET], each well versed with any two sports.
  •  Sports facilities for 4 sports including the 2 outdoor games.
  •  Every student learns and plays 2 sports one of which could be a traditional/ indigenous/local game.


The following additional parameters [one and above3 star rating] would apply for claiming the highest rating-

  •  School conducts monthly intra-school sports competitions, participates inter-school sports completion and celebrates annual sports day.
  •  All teachers are trained in PE.
  •  School has 2 or more sports coaches. these may be PE teachers.
  •  School follows structured PE curriculum, prescribed by NCERT/SCHOOL BOARD.
  •  School conducts annual fitness assessment of all children .
  •  School opens its playground after school hours for neighbouring communities and the same is actively used. Reasonable fee can be levied for maintenance and security.